Extending Offers

  1. Identify the appropriate salary range based on internal company policy, market price, candidate skills, and salary expectations of the candidate. Be prepared for the candidate to make a counterproposal, and have a strategy in place to accommodate this process.
  2. Identify any competing opportunities the candidate may currently have by asking both the candidate and your Touchstone Account Manager.
  3. "Pre-close" the candidate immediately after the interview by having him or her discuss, with his or her spouse, the details of the position and under what conditions he or she would accept an offer from you.
  4. Make hiring decisions within 24 hours of the final interview. The quicker you make a positive decision, the better your chances of hiring the candidate.
  5. When extending an offer, establish a deadline, at which time the offer will be revoked if not yet accepted. Try to stick to the deadline. If the candidate wants to come to work for you, he or she will accept it. If not, it is best to know as soon as possible so you do not miss out on other viable candidates.
  6. If the offer is accepted, it is a good idea to maintain contact with the candidate several times until his or her start date. Let him or her know the progress you are making in preparing the work area. Take him or her to lunch. Congratulate your new hire on his or her new position. Let the candidate know that everyone is excited that they are joining your organization. This will help the candidate confirm their decision to accept your offer of employment.