Working With Us

Touchstone is committed to helping you find highly qualified IT professionals to work on your next project or to join your staff of full-time employees.

We value the opportunity to work with you, and will do our best to reflect that by not wasting your valuable time. 

The Search Process

Needs Analysis

A thorough understanding of our clients' needs is the only way to effectively and properly provide a value-added service. Your Touchstone Account Manager will work with you as a virtual extension of your project management staff to understand not only the technical requirements and responsibilities of your available job position, but also to understand you and  your company's culture. We work with you to develop the profile of the type of people you are looking for so as to best qualify those candidates that would be a best-fit for your organization.


Once the Needs Analysis is completed, the Recruiting process begins. Your Touchstone Account Manager will be a single point of contact for you.  Our internal database of thousands of skilled IT professionals, an attractive referral program, and a comprehensive screening process are just some of the tools we use behind the scenes to make sure the candidates you meet are qualified for your open position. 

In-Depth Interviewing

Prospective candidates are thoroughly interviewed.  A profile is constructed on each candidate that includes technical skills, soft skills, their reason for searching for a new opportunity, compensation expectations, and other details necessary to qualify the candidate for best-fit considerations.

Testing / Reference Checking

Touchstone provides third-party testing services to test the candidates' technical ability.  We also check references and provide this information to our clients to assist in making informed hiring decisions.

Authorized Representation/Presentation of Candidate

Touchstone will not present any candidate to any client without direct authorization from the candidate.  This professional ethic helps us build the kind of trust with our candidates necessary to generate quality referrals that help you tap into the hidden candidate market.  It also ensures that when you receive a resume from Touchstone it will be from a candidate that understands your opportunity and has expressed sincere interest in it.  This greatly streamlines the hiring process for you.

Candidates will only be submitted to those clients who have an approved Services Agreement or Contract Services Agreement in place with Touchstone.

Scheduling Interviews

Coordinating interview schedules is a time-consuming process.  Touchstone offloads this burden from you so you can invest your efforts on other pressing issues.



Permanent Placement--Direct Hire

Permanent placement fees are based upon several factors.  The primary factor is the difficulty level of the search, which is a function of the skills required, the available candidate pool, and other factors.  Contact Touchstone to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

Contract Consulting

Hourly rates are determined on a candidate-by-candidate basis.  Influencing factors include the project skills required and project duration.  Contact Touchstone to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

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